Color Painting

The Clemens Sels Museum Neuss has an extensive collection of works of so-called Color Painting that has been built up since the end of the 1980s.

The holdings include paintings and works on paper by international artists like Marcia Hafif and Phil Sims as well as major German painters, for example Katharina Grosse, Dieter Villinger, Ulrich Erben, Claudia Desgranges and Markus Linnenbrink. The collection has grown through regular acquisitions of works by Kees Barten and Susanne Stähli among others, and gifts from artists such as Jürgen Paatz and Ingrid Langanke. The quality of the collection has led to an area on the museum’s ground floor being turned into a separate exhibition space to showcase it. In addition to changing presentations of the museum’s holdings, well-known artists will be invited to develop a space-specific concept for the museum building that dates from 1975. In new ways the artists seek to engage with the specific spatial aspects of the building, to use color alone to work against the heaviness of the concrete architecture, the massiveness of the staircase and the closed nature of the entire building and replace them with lightness, spontaneity and openness. The carefully calculated interplay of art and architecture results in imaginary color spaces that sharpen our perception and sensations of the power and diversity of the action of color. This exhibition concept not only helps to shape the profile of the collection but opens up ever new perspectives and surprising experiences for visitors to the Clemens Sels Museum Neuss.